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Tier 1

-Your picture and bio on the site with representation in Europe, North America and Asia and direct link to your website;

- Social media listing to over 23,000 members worldwide;

-Post your services and media on the social networks;

-Global reciprocal wedding planning program, referral and matching;

-Commissions on reciprocal weddings 10-20 %;

-APP for quick service and connection to travel benefits;

-Access to our Italy Brochures with more than 100 cheked venues to guaratee your clients the best value for money

-Access to 133,000 travel agents and other vendors looking for you as their planner;

-Representation of your business by our worldwide team at 90+ major trade shows;

-Become a certified destination wedding planner, Golden Level of IWPa Sposa net; we will provide you an official Certificate of Membership, to be shown to potential clients  

€ 300/per year

Tier 2

-Tier 1  benefits and:

- Become a certified destination wedding planner, Platinum Level of IWPa Sposa net; we will provide you an official Certificate of Membership, to be shown to potential clients  

-Access to our exclusive vendor network around the

world with +1000s of contacts with wholesale rates and co-operative opportunities for expansion;

- FAM (familiarization) elgibility, visit Italy for 1 week for less than $645pp (4-5 star lodging, meals, transfers*) and other destinations around the world, or even as a VIP buyer so with paid flight and accommodation;

-Destination wedding travel agency program. Why is ours better? We have negotiated for 10 years to make you a fully functional travel agency. What does this mean? Most programs are affiliate, you get 3-5% commission and a banner or link wih no control or customer service. We give up to 14% commission, up to 40% off airfares* with our negotiated rates. we also provide your own labled booking engine in your site-not separate (below). On average, our planners make an additional $4000.00 per year with this option, well worth the investment. Other benefits include our buying power, we spend millions a year and can give your clients upgrades, free car rental, free air for wedding couple*, free reception rooms and parties on cruises (these are some benefits-certain programs and conditions apply) this makes you look like a hero and is of great value and benefit to your client:

-Booking engine: A booking engine is what you see on-line to book travel but we guarantee 10% less "than anything on-line" so you can always make the cost sale and always beat the competitors bid or, keep savings for yourself. The booking engine page is inserteed into your site with your logo so your client can book their wedding group or honeymoon on your site, we track for you and you earn commissions while you sleep;

-Access to group rate and benefits contracts for cruiselines. This is a benefit usually for IATA agencies only, this tier allows those privileges;

-an APP to have all the above at your fingertips, anytime, anywhere with chat help;

-Licensed, bonding, insurance, membership access to official organizations, forms, merchant systems, contracts for your clients and more!

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 € 450/per year