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Benefits of travel page and booking engine:

1) You may use the engine to book your clients or insert it in your website for passive earnings.

2) Sposa's commission structure allows you up to 2x and more the amount you can make elsewhere. We do this by licensing the planner as an IATA agent in our agency as opposed to just being an affiliate at other programs. For an average producer, this has shown us in the last 10 years of the program to increase your annual earnings by $6,000.00

3) You control the customer and we offer 24/7 customer service

4) The ability to add fees and use secure merchant platforms

5) Earn free travel and cash rewards on vendor incentives

6) Get membership in Ensemble Group-a consortium that adds benefits to your customers like upgrades and free items.

7) On most bookings offer a 10% price guarantee, this means that if any competitor or your client finds a lower price on-line, we can match it by 10% less so you always have the best price*

8) Group blocks and pricing. This means we a) have space when others are sold out b) we can sell individuals at the group price

9) Training and FAM (free or deeply discounted familiarization trips)

10) Co-op marketing, we match 50% of some of your vendor partner advertising

11) Original tours and local handling

12) You do not need to have the booking engine on your site to book through us for the same benefits, we offer it as an added convenience

13) To order a travel quote or reservation we need:

Names of travelers

Dates of travel

Destination (s)

Occasions (wedding, group, honeymoon, anniversary, holiday, etc..)

There are many more benefits and a list can be obtained by emailing the travel manager Rob at You may also request pictures of the booking engine. To see the engine you may access -it will look like this with a plain page or your logo. This project should complete by December 1, 2016 . We are aware Expedia and others offer affiliate programs, basically you dive your customer away for 1-3 % commission, we offer 3-10% commission*. This is a unique program that has taken many years to develop and we are happy to offer it to you....