our  mission - our vision

For some years we have experimented with an innovative program and taken a few more years with many skilled people around the world to develop it and bring it to you.This makes your business:

  • Global, attracts more clientele, receives requests from other planners around the world for the same
  • Brings other memberships to associations, representation to tradeshows* with your materials around the world promoting you
  • Network sharing services, resources and expertise
  • Free network advertising, B2B advertising, cooperative and co-advertising
  • Access to markets like China and LGBT looking for you
  • Media and television coverage

In brief, how it works: is a referral and reciprocal share program. Let's say for example you're wedding planner in Las Vegas and you get clients who want to have wedding/wedding group or honeymoon in London. Simply contact a planner in our network in London and our travel department-or use our white-label booking engine on your site, and we sell it under your label as if you're the planner.

The whole thing is a cooperative global aggregate. All that's required at this point is joining the network on our pages.We have the option of the white label travel service that makes you an official IATA travel agency with a booking engine we can insert into your website under your colors. You make commissions in your sleep with self booking while not having to worry about it's management, customer issues, and technical details. You or your clients can access our base of travel agents for expertise as needed for honeymoons, weddings, anniversaries, group travel while we deal with all Service issues. Until now you had to go through an affiliate or third-party which does not benefit you at all financially and other areas.Our network staff works hard to keep us in the media, we have been in numerous publications as well as on television four times in three countries. This affects you as a network member positively. We are also bringing you to the China market as we spent years developing business there which is for many companies very difficult to do.No one else like Wedding Wire or romance agencies has anything like this and that puts you way ahead of the trend and with value added services and expanded market reach. No one else has done this for a reason: They can't. They simply cannot do the resources and management that we had put years into developing.

We will be build the structure and detailed plan of these items later this month that's our semi annual meeting at our headquarters in Italy. Representatives from all continents will be present.

We really look forward to growing this with you, gaining market-share from competitors, knowing you and being one big world family. We believe to put our hearts before the bank, that love and integrity create better business in the long run.